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These are a just a few of the guns made in the shop.

(Click on each blue hyperlink or photo below to open each photo album or photo.)


Click on the following photos & hyperlinks in this section and you will be able to see how the guns were built from scratch to finish. There are a lot of photos and instructions related to how I did it. Hope this information is useful to you. 

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Later Southern Mountain Rifle - .40 Caliber with a 7/8" barrel


2009-04-25 002.JPG (200713 bytes)



  Susquehanna Rifle


_20170522_1245.JPG (134606 bytes)  Lancaster Rifle


2006-06-05 001.JPG (179133 bytes)  J.P. Beck School - Early Lancaster Rifle "Re-Becka


rifle-03 003aa.JPG (661623 bytes)

John Grandstaff or Virginia Rifle   (Youth Rifle Project:) 


Finished Lock Side.jpg (36386 bytes)


  Marshall Hunting Rifle


Stock1b copy.jpg (99030 bytes)     




 Edward Marshall Rifle (Christian Springs Rifle)


DSC00240.JPG (158010 bytes)  





   James Armstrong Rifle (Maryland School)    


2010-09-13 007.JPG (207932 bytes)         Isaac Haines Rifle (Left handed)                 


DSCN0275.JPG (623091 bytes)   Isaac Haines Rifle (Left handed) 


        Early Youth Transitional Southern Tenn. Rifle                                                       


Dc0038A_copy.jpg (147293 bytes)  Transitional Lancaster Rifle


  Southern Mtn Rifle.JPG (591224 bytes)       Southern Mountain Rifle                          


  Bethlehem Rifle - John Rupp   (My "Journeyman Rifle")   


Here is the Queen Anne pistol made with pure English walnut stock and all the metal pieces were cast from original pieces.  They all had to filed down to mate, be drilled and tapped to fit together. Click the photo to open up the web page with photo breakdowns of the pistol.  [Check out the Queen Anne Pistol and learn something about the unique lock system for this early English pistol]

1750 Queen Anne Pistol    


These are photos of just a few of the projects that came out of the shop.

Pistol Lock View copy.jpg (61421 bytes)                                 20140603_170732_resized.jpg (71365 bytes)   _20161227_1147.JPG (52474 bytes)

1750 Pistol (First Pistol)            "Free-Styled" Target Pistol         Dueling Pistol         Kentucky Dueling Pistol

  Ky pistol lock copy.jpg (83060 bytes)         20180227_133853_resized.jpg (282552 bytes)

          Kentucky Pistol                  Grand Daughter Target Pistol


 Pistol Rack                  Powder Horns: 

   Handmade Set Triggers 1.JPG (175006 bytes) Handmade Set Triggers.JPG (168424 bytes)

                     Hand-made Single Set Triggers

    Forged Butt Plates.jpg (160699 bytes)         

      Hand-forged Butt Plates   

(Bookie allowed me to use his forge)



                   Lancaster Rifle - Jacob Dickert School


                                            Beck_Side_3_copy.jpg (224151 bytes)



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