Isaac Haines Rifle

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Isaac Haines Rifle - Left Handed (Jim Chambers Kit).  

Received this from a gentleman who was having trouble assembling the kit on his own. So I will finish the assembling for him. It will be a simple rifle and have a wooden patchbox lid.  38" swamped .50 caliber rifle (1-66 twist)

2010-02-21 001.JPG (223930 bytes)  2010-02-21 002.JPG (194753 bytes)


The first thing I did was remove the breechplug and then draw filed the sides of the barrel to remove the mill markings from the sides of the new barrel. This allowed the barrel to slip into the stock easily.  Now the next step is to inlet the barrel into the breech end of the stock.  I used a ruler along side the barrel to extend the lines so I could square it up. 

2010-02-21 011.JPG (232421 bytes) 2010-02-21 012.JPG (242461 bytes)

You will also note, I always put "X" along the top flat of the barrel to help me in realigning the barrel correctly into the stock. 

2010-02-21 010.JPG (198545 bytes) Now the barrel is squarely seated into the breech of the stock and ready for the breechplug to be added to the barrel so it can now be installed. 

The breechplug was reinstalled and inletted into the stock till the bottom of the barrel made a mark in the barrel channel.  







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