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Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Guns Kits, Parts, Accoutrements

(This is where my supplies come from) (Click on the links below)

"Track of the Wolf" For the last ten years I've been buying a lot of my parts through this company up in Minnesota way They have a great web site catalog to explore and are great people to do business with.  The service is prompt and very courteous.   




Muzzleloader Builder Supply

Been buying parts from them when they were owned by Don Eads, then Susie Bicio. Now Ryan Roberts and Terry Jo Mann owns the business and is really working hard by expanding the company and developed a website for their catalog business. They offer the largest and most complete line of custom handmade patchboxes, toeplates, sideplates, and all the other pieces and parts it takes to complete your own muzzleloading rifle or pistol in traditional or contemporary styling.

Postal Address:                               Phone: (208) 397-3008         Toll Free (877) 397-3008
Muzzleloader Builders Supply            Fax: 
(208) 397-3009 
P.O. Box 848                                   
E-mail   mbssales@hotmail.com 
Aberdeen, ID 83210                   

Website: Muzzleloader Builders Supply

Main Jim Chambers Flintlocks, Ltd., 116 Sam's Branch Rd., Candler, NC 28715 .  If you want the world's premier rifle kit or a lock, Jim has just what you need!!  This is the home of Siler Locks. 





Pioneer Arms Co. is the only source for exclusive Pioneer Mule Ear lock and various other items. You can find tomahawks to rifle cases. 










 "Brownells", (200 South Front Street, Montezuma, Iowa  50171-1000) Greatest gunsmith supplier on the planet!  IOWA born and bred, too!!





"Dixie Gun Works, Inc.", (Box 130, Union City, TN  38281) This is the "mother-lode" of muzzleloading supply houses! 






" Log Cabin Shop "Box 275, Lodi, Ohio  44254  A family tradition that has become an institution!  And vice-versa!





Jack's Stock Shop & Custom Muzzleloading Rifles, (Box 890, CR 400, Corinth, MS  38834)  (662-286-5014  FAX: 662-286-4253)  Jack Garner was the original owner of  TVM , an old friend of "Bookie" and the Master Gunsmith who signed off on my Journeyman status..  I get wood and parts from him on occasion and he makes a hell of a rifle.  "Bookie" says, "I ain't ever got beat dealin' with Jack.  Give him a call." 


My Good Friends: 

Steve 2011.jpg (100967 bytes)Steve Bookout ("Bookie") is a Master Gunsmith who taught me the craft and he is my best friend. Steve's been a long time friend for over 25 years. Steve is a descendant of the Bean family and his specialty is building "Hog Rifles" and "Iowa Rifles".  He has his own shop called "Toad Hall Rifle Shop" and back behind his shop he has the "Yeller Cat Forge".  It's in the forge where we get even more creative in making the butt plates, trigger guards, etc. for our rifle furniture.  Steve's written a good treatise on gunmaker's tips you will have to check out on his site. 


Dsc00220.jpg (157601 bytes)Henrik Jørgen Elmer is an avid black powder enthusiast and a very capable gunsmith.  He is also, one of my good friends who happens to live in Denmark.  Henrik has built some handsome muzzleloaders his shop on the island of Lolland and now has a personal web page to record the process of a longrifle under construction. In the photo, Henrik is shooting my pistol "Hoot" at our monthly shoot last Summer. He out shot me with my own pistol!  Of course, him being a  Pistol Champion in Denmark, probably helped too.

Besides being the head of the Danish national organization, Danske Sortkrudtsskytter, (that translates into the Danish Black Powder Shooters, the equivalent of our NMLRA) ,  he's also the foreman of the local shooting club De Falsterske Sortkrudtsskytter and they have a great site. This site also has an English language page.  Just for your information, Denmark furnished one of our heroes of the Alamo - Lt. Charles Zanco!  He's the fellow who put the star on the Texas flag!  We hold annual blackpowder shoots between the Denmark blackpowder club and our club, the Buck Crik Muzzleloaders. We call it our annual "Zanco" shoot.  We have a traveling trophy and this has been going on for the last four years, now.


Other Interesting Sites To Check Out:

Crazy Crow Trading Post - Native American Indian Arts & Crafts SupplyHuge line of Indian & Mountain Man craft supply & craft kits. Your Mountain Man Rendezvous, camp & shooter craft supply source. 118 pg full-color catalog- 6000+ items in our online store.  



Coon 'n Crockett Muzzle Loaders - Dakota Territory Check out this very extensive site that should have something for anyone that has even a remote interest in the black powder era, including Old West Cowboy Shooting.  Doc Wilson has used a magic wand on this one!








Consider joining the Contemporary Longrifle Association. If you are a builder/artist or collector, this organization will be right up your alley!  Check out their web site. This organization is dedicated to keeping the art of the longrifle alive!  You kin find a write-up on both Bookie an' me on this site!





" MUZZLELOADER  Magazine " is a great magazine and they have a fantastic discussion web page to discuss everything from hunting, shooting, camping and history. Check out their web site.                       


The magazine is nothing to ignore either. Good articles by Mike Nesbitt, "Prime Possibles". Check 'em out!




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Join the National Muzzleloading  Rifle Association NMLRA ~ Today!!!   Get the Muzzle Blasts Magazine.  They review original and contemporary gunbuilders and you love reading the informative articles from the Bevel Brothers. 


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