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2010 - 13th Annual Over The Log Shoot

We attended the 2010 Annual Bevel Brothers Over the Log Shoot this year again on October 22, 2006. 44 shooters showed up and displayed their sighters down range. 

2010-10-24 009.JPG (167718 bytes)2010-10-24 004.JPG (271917 bytes)

Shooters came from all over the U.S. 

We showed up at the range before sunrise and there were chunks and logs already set up for the day's shoot. To the right is my "Re-Beka" ready for the shoot. 


2010-10-24 003.JPG (161033 bytes)Shooters were all lined up and took their shots that day. Although it looked like rain, the day turned out to be a good weather day after all. 





2010-10-24 012.JPG (185457 bytes)


2010-10-24 001.JPG (137754 bytes) To the right, "Angus" Leonard is sighting in his sighter.  He is the shooter in the center with the light tan hat. 





2010-10-24 020.JPG (160199 bytes)


2010-10-24 006.JPG (141228 bytes) Up and down we walked 10 times for the 10 shots.  To the right and below were the prizes.




2010-10-24 021.JPG (146232 bytes)Joel Gard is standing watch over the prizes or was he deciding which one he wanted.  Ya never know about him......





2010-10-24 023.JPG (148901 bytes)


When the dust finally settled, the 2010 winner was Tim Turnbow. He shot a 3.401" group.

2nd Place - Joel Gard

3rd Place - Bob Dagner

4th Place - "Angus" Eric Leonard

Nice shooting fellas!!! 

Let's not forget the famous Apple Dumplings for everyone.

2010-10-24 018.JPG (222418 bytes) 







With ice cream of course.

2010-10-24 019.JPG (240492 bytes)

Lowell Gard and his son: 2010-10-24 007.JPG (158170 bytes) 

Bookie and Lowell: 2010-10-24 008.JPG (226557 bytes)


Special "In-line Rifle Shoot":

For entertainment, everyone got a chance to shoot an inline rifle (literally). A rifle was taken down range and suspended. 2010-10-24 005.JPG (138568 bytes)

3 Second Movie of rifle being shot.






Here is what was left of the rifle. 2010-10-24 016.JPG (213505 bytes)

Some one hit the barrel square and bored a hole halfway into the barrel. 



It was a great day of shooting and everyone had a great time. Thanks to Joel and Lowell Gard. (The Bevel Brothers)




2006 - 9th Annual Over The Log Shoot

We attended the 2006 Annual Bevel Brothers Over the Log Shoot this year again on October 28, 2006. 51 shooters showed up and displayed their sighters down range. 2006-10-31 009.JPG (226453 bytes)2006-10-31 007.JPG (123992 bytes)

Shooters came from all over the U.S. 

We showed up at the range before sunrise and there were chunks and logs already set up for the day's shoot. 




Real-estate was valuable that day on the firing line. 2006-10-31 006.JPG (148738 bytes) I had "Re-Becka" set up for the chunk shoot and ready to go.2006-10-31 011.JPG (204901 bytes)







Many of my old and new friends were there. 

2006-10-31 016.JPG (290170 bytes) 2006-10-31 014.JPG (172584 bytes)

Jim Fields & Steve "Bookie" Bookout                            Eric "Angus" Leonard & Terry "Groundhog" Gray

  Did not do well in the shoot. Did not discipline myself to hold the gun steady. Had 5 good shots and 5 just outside the 2" ring. Oh well, had a good time. Ended up with a 12.737" total.

Here is my sighter target to give you an idea. 2006-10-31 022.JPG (253615 bytes)


"Angus" took 5th Place that day. Great Shooting my friend!!






James and Tim from Weston, MO (Good Shooters!!)

The hayrack was filled with enough prizes for everyone to make three trips to the rack to grab a prize. Note, I did not pick up any of the great prizes that day.  There were a lot of them thou.

2006-10-31 021.JPG (154918 bytes)2006-10-31 017.JPG (153233 bytes) 2006-10-31 018.JPG (203351 bytes)

2006-10-31 019.JPG (205812 bytes)

The winner of the day's match was a young man named John Bailey from Newport, Michigan.  John has been shooting black powder rifles since he has been about 9 years old, he's now 15  and he ended up with a slightly more than a 5" total.   He did very well that day. He grabbed the .50 caliber Rice swamped barrel I had my eye on.  (Serves me right. Rats!)

2006-10-31 020.JPG (149137 bytes) Got an email from his Grampa Charlie Bailey, who said the return 750 mile drive home to Michigan was "Priceless". Grampa says John is all pumped up for the Alvin York shoot  which is his favorite. He won the Jr. match in 2004 and 2005 and decided to go pro and shoot against the big guys in 2006. He hopes to place in the top 10 percent this spring, which is a feat in it's self considering that there are close to 225 shooters.




NOTE: According to Bevel Up, next year's shoot will be limited to the first 50 registered shooters.


2nd Annual Iowa Original Chunk Gun Shoot 2006 

The 2nd Annual "Iowa's Original Chunk Gun Shoot" was held the end of August. I took "Re-Becka" to the shoot and she did alright. We finished with a 12.038" accumulated score. (Not the greatest, but better than I have done before.)  She almost "spidered" the target twice. The best one measured 0.101" from dead center. This earned us a genuine 2006 silver dollar for round 3. Below are the two targets. One on the left was the first shot and the right one is the 3rd shot. Four out of ten shots were within 1" of of center. She made me proud that day. I shot better than I ever had previously.

2006-08-27 006.JPG (226345 bytes)


2005 Over The Log Shoot

We attended the 2005 Annual Bevel Brothers Over the Log Shoot this year again on October 29, 2005. The day started off being overcast then the sun came out and warmed up with breeze out of the South. Beautiful day. Good shooting by several shooters with plenty of prizes for everyone. Eric ended up with two silver dollars and Steve got one for shooting the best X per target round. 

Here are few photos from that day. 

2005 Bevel Brothers Shoot.jpg (80534 bytes) Brothers Shooting.JPG (159792 bytes) Bevel Up (Lowell standing) and Bevel Down (shooting)

Prizes Galore: Prizes Galore.JPG (164513 bytes)   The shooting line up: The Shooting Line.JPG (164674 bytes)

My friend Steve Bookout and Eric Leonard shooting: Steve Shooting.JPG (167027 bytes) 

My Tennessee rifle (on right):My Tennessee Rifle.JPG (125295 bytes)

"Farmall" Rifle - Barrel was made from a steel axle; rifle painted red (did well in the shoot, too): Farmall Rifle.JPG (139494 bytes)

The shot the bowling ball mortar twice and both times shot the balls over the far hill, out of sight. Reckon 250 grains was too much powder, eh? 


2004 Over The Log Shoot

 Steve "Bookie" Bookout, my friend, received an invitation to attend the 4th Annual Bevel Brother's "Over The Log" Shoot held at "Bevel Down's" farm ("Wiseacres") in Weston, MO on 10/30/04 from Bevel Up. Steve extended the invitation to Dan "Hawkman" Thompson, Eric "Angus" Leonard and myself. 

"Bookie" -->Bookie At The Match.jpg (157490 bytes)  "Angus" -->Eric At The Match.jpg (161610 bytes)

"Hawkman" -->Dan Smiles.jpg (38452 bytes)  "Hoot Al"  -->Hoot Al At Log Shoot copy.jpg (161861 bytes)

Never been to an over the log shoot before and we figured shortly after the shooting started we would be official "chunk gun" shooters.  This turned out to be true. We had a great time and the everyone there was very cordial and willing to share their knowledge.Guns At Ready.jpg (365114 bytes)

There were several shooters present lined up along the hayracks waiting to start the shoot. 





Bevel Down.jpg (360702 bytes) Bevel Down (Joel Gard - Left photo) gathered everyone around and explained the rules for everyone prior to the shoot. Steve introBevel Up & Al.jpg (39990 bytes)duced me to Bevel Up  (Lowell Gard - right photo). 





Our Position.jpg (123026 bytes)

The first thing we did was find us a log and laid out our tarps on the ground.  The targets (sighters) are positioned 60 yards down range from our shooting position. 




Hoot Als Intitial Target.jpg (358619 bytes)

The rules were simple. You put up a "sighter" target or practice target and take  3 - 4 shots at the target. This ends up being your sighter target. Then after registering, you receive a packet of 10 targets. One shot per target. [More about that later.)




Bowling Ball Motar.jpg (371321 bytes)Once everyone has their targets set up down  range, the shoot can not officially begin until the mortar is fired.  The mortar shoots 12 lb. bowling balls using 180 grains of 2FFG blackpowder. (Click the movie below and you get to see a short video of the mortar shooting the white bowling ball. You might have to wait a little bit for it to load. The screen is not huge, but hopefully it works.)

      * Mortar Movie



Al Posting.jpg (39827 bytes)

Now we proceed down range toward our targets. Once there, you take your first target and slide it behind your original practice (sighter) target and try to center the X of the smaller target in the area where the group of bullet holes are on your sighter target. 

Then everyone heads back to the firing line to take their one shot turn.  No big rush or time limit. The round is over when the last person shoots their gun. The object is to take your time and make it count.  Once everyone has taken their shot, you all go down range and pull the target you just shot from behind your sighter target and replace it with another target. This continues on until you have shot 10 individual targets. The scorekeepers measure the distance from the center of the X to the center of your bullet hole. These lengths are then added up the total represents how well you shot consistently. The lower the overall length the better. Sighter Target.jpg (330218 bytes)

I learned a new phrase that day.  "Don't be a chaser!"  That means don't try to move your target away from your original group of holes toward the last hole you shot into your sighter target.  In other words, your chasing after your next shot. They say that is a guaranteed way to end up with a really high overall score.  To give you an idea of what my sighter target looked like after to the shoot, I'll paste it here for you to see.

Becky and Durty Nelly.jpg (321557 bytes)I brought my rifle "Becky" and Bookie brought "Durty Nelly". 


Bevel Mom.jpg (40139 bytes)

After the shoot, a fine lunch was served followed with the Bevel Boys  mom's church Dutch apple dumpling desert. That was a prize in it's own right and well worth the 4-1/2 hr. drive to get there for.  Here is photo of Mom. 



Putting Out Prizes.jpg (151602 bytes)Prizes were set out and covered a whole hayrack. There were prizes available for  all the shooters present.  





The Grandest prize went to the World Champion of the Over The Log Shoot. Here the winner is presented with an embroidered tie with the names of past winners, a banner and a crown.  This years' winner was none other than "Bevel Down" Lowell Gard himself. He was totally surprised by the outcome. Good shooting Lowell!!

2004 World Champion.jpg (341039 bytes)Sweetest String Trophy .jpg (59065 bytes)







Amongst the participants was Don Getz, former owner (now retired) of Al & Don Getz.jpg (138120 bytes) Getz Barrels. Don shot pretty well that day. He came to the shoot with his son John.  Don had nothing but compliments about the Rifling Bench manual Bookie and I wrote.





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