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New Project

Kentucky Dueling Pistol - .50 Caliber with a 7/8" barrel. Siler Lock, Single Trigger, with a cherry stock - Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply, Inc. Kit) A friend asked me to assemble the pistol for him. Hopefully you find this information useful. 

 (Click on Hyper-links below to go to assembling and installation sections.)

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Chunk Gun Project: (Personal Project)

I acquired a more suitable barrel for my new chunk gun. The barrel is a 1-1/8" diameter; .45 caliber and 41-1/2" long - Hopkins & Allen barrel. 2010-11-07 003.JPG (254554 bytes)

Now the project has begun, I will lay it out with links to the various steps instead of putting everything onto one page for simplification. 

Still shaping the butt stock in the cheek area. I want to align my eyes with the sights on the barrel better. 

Need to install the rear sight, sideplate and toe guard plate. Then work on pouring a nose cap. 






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