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Installing the Butt Plate: 


I'm using a Early Tennessee forged butt plate I made for this rifle. It is an earlier style and has a broad width for resting up against my shoulder.  Since the edges were not even, I filed the edges of the plate so they were flat.

Forged_Butt_Plates.jpg (160699 bytes) DSCN0499.JPG (42667 bytes) 


Then I determined my pull length from the forward trigger to the rear of the plate, when it was laid down on the stock. In this case, my pull is 13 -1/2". DSCN0502.JPG (40982 bytes)








The top of the plate is parallel to the comb of the rifle. I used a pencil and traced the plate onto the stock. DSCN0500.JPG (41720 bytes) Not sure if you can see the lines in this photo. 

I then cut out the wood on my band saw and placed the plate onto the stock. DSCN0503.JPG (114315 bytes)


Using candle soot, I blackened the bottom of the top of the plate. You want to settle the top of the plate, so it is resting down flat against the stock. Once this done, then the plate can me driven forward into the stock. The photo below depicts the lines across the top leading to the front edge of the butt plate comb.  DSCN0505.JPG (36100 bytes)  DSCN0507.JPG (32219 bytes)

Continue now blackening all the edges of the butt plate and work the plate forward till you have a black line along the entire edge of the plate.  Now you have a tight fit of the plate to the stock as seen in the photo to the right. 








A #8 wood screw is located 1/3 of the way toward the front on the comb of the butt plate and another is drilled  and countersunk into the plate 1/4 of the way up from the end of the stock. DSCN0508.JPG (28908 bytes) 

    DSCN0512.JPG (21980 bytes)   




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