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Testimonials of satisfied customers:

"River Rat" - Jim Hallford (Alabama) {Lancaster Rife}

River Rat.jpg (563868 bytes)"Al, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I am enjoying my rifle. I've taken two more deer with it this year bringing the total to an even dozen since I've had it. It has become my "go to" rifle, even though I own many modern rifles. Still looks as good as the day you built it and always draws a crowd at the range. I still marvel at your craftsmanship, the way it fits me and the gorgeous wood. It's "squirrel rifle accurate" and it never lets me down if I do my part. It's just awesome! Thanks!!!"
Jim Hallford

P.S. Your site is a great resource. I've sent a bunch of my friends to it when they get to asking me about my rifle. Maybe one of them will order one from you one day.

You can drop Jim a line at: jhallford@andycable.com

Jim also builds a nice canoe and powder horns on his own, too. He is craftsman himself.Canoe Finished 1.JPG (73410 bytes)





Hallford Rifle copy.JPG (138809 bytes)To see the album of photos and a couple movies of the finished rifle click on photo to the left.






"ATAR" aka "Doctor Dread" - Jim Hrisoulas (Nevada) {Marshall Hunting Rifle}

Mr Neubauer

I just received the rifle that you built for me. My initial impression is.. "DAMN Man..."... You did a GREAT job"...I am happy beyond words...

A MORE than satisfied client,,,, Seriously now. After looking at this thing for the last few hours.. I still CANNOT believe that this is what I sent... Damnation. Hellfire and YEEEEEEE.HHHHAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!  I am one happy camper... If you ever need ANY sort of reference as far as your rifle building goes, send them my way.

Jim Hrisoulas

Dr. Jim Hrisoulas is the author of several books and numerous magazine articles of the subject of bladesmithing. His work has won awards at most of the internationally acclaimed knife shows in the world.

The U.S. State Department commissioned Dr. Hrisoulas for a sword which was presented to the King of Norway at the Winter Olympics. Dr. Hrisoulas's has his work displayed world wide in collections and museums, including the Tower of London and the New York Met. A Doctoral Degree holder in the field of Metallography, he understands the working, application and heat treating of steels and alloys to a very high degree. 

You can drop Jim a line at: jhrisoulas@aol.com    Jim's website is: http://www.atar.com

To see the rifle and all related project photos, click on the rifle here ---> Finished Lock Side.jpg (36386 bytes) 


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