Marshall Hunting Rifle

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Marshall Hunting Rifle:  Grade 6 Maple stock; all steel furniture; Jaeger Lock; double-set triggers; .62 Caliber barrel (1/72 twist)   


Here is the finished rifle. My friend wanted it in the white and will finish staining the stock and browning the steel. 

Finished Lock Side.jpg (36386 bytes) Finished Side.jpg (66164 bytes)  Finished Cheek Side.jpg (74924 bytes)

This gun started out basically as a blank. The rifle is partially inlet with the tang still pending to be inlet. The ramrod channel is already inlet and drilled. Here is a photo of the parts laid out in the beginning. 

Mvc-001f.jpg (220877 bytes)   Mvc-002f.jpg (211072 bytes)

In an effort to simplify this section, I've created links to specific pages dedicated to the various steps of the rifle in process. Please Click on any of the links listed below, and it will take you to that section. 

Inletting The Barrel:

Widening The Ramrod Channel:

Pinning The Barrel To The Stock:

Inletting The Lock:

Inletting The Triggers:  

Inletting The Trigger Guard:

Inletting The Thimbles:

Inletting The Buttplate:

Shaping the Stock:

Wooden Patchbox Lid Installation:

Inletting the Toe Plate:

Poured Nose Cap:

Installing The Sights:

Barrel Engraving:

Proofing The Barrel:


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