Barrel Engraving

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Barrel Engraving:

Due the difficulties encountered with this gun, having been started 12 years ago by another gunmaker who quit on it initially. Then with me receiving it that much later, only to find out why the original gunmaker quit on it. The barrel channel and ramrod channel that was inlet incorrectly; the broken 12 year old lock that original parts could not be located and the stories just go on and on.

Initial Engraving.JPG (199018 bytes)This was the initial engraving of the barrel. Sent a photo to my friend, who called me the next day laughing on the phone only to tell me the gun was living up to it's new name. He said I mis-spelled his last name. Corrected Engraving.JPG (240304 bytes)

Here is the corrected engraving on the barrel.






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