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Pinning The Barrel To The Stock:


Copper Tennon Material.jpg (155146 bytes)With the ramrod completed, I bent up some copper I had in the shop to make some tenons to dovetail into the stock and secure the barrel to the stock via 3/32" pins. I'll put 3 barrel tenons into this barrel. Then I cut them all Copper Tennons Cut.jpg (164661 bytes)to the same width and put a 60 degree bevel along the sides. 





Next I measured where to place the tenons. The first one will be the 1/2 way mark between the lock panel and the front of the rear thimble.  The tenon toward the end of the barrel will be 3-1/" from the end of the barrel. This allows me a 2" nose cap and another 1-/12" from the nose cap. The middle tenon will be 1/2 way between these two.  I laid the first tenon on the barrel and scribed marks on either side of the tenon. Then I cut inside the lines the width of my bevel on either side of the tenon. Using a safe triangular file I filed the excess material away and then used the safe file to cut my dovetails into the stock. 

Copper Tennon Dovetailed.jpg (128486 bytes)Next I blackened the barrel with candle soot and laid the barrel into the stock and smite it with my wooden mallet. This left a mark in the barrel channel. Taking a "V" chisel I cut out a trench and and used a drill to drill Copper Tennon Drilled Thru Stock.jpg (139302 bytes)out the slot. I only wanted to go 3/16" deep, so I used a piece of masking tape on the bit to limit me. After inletting the tenon into the stock, I then located the depth of the barrel in the stock and the depth of the tenon into the stock.  



Barrel Tenons Invisible.jpg (97124 bytes) I made marks on the out side of the stock and drilled my hole between these marks. This kept the hole I was drilling centered into the tenon and thru the stock.  I followed the same process for the middle tenon and this tenon was drilled too.  The last tenon drilled was the one toward the end of the barrel.  When finished, I drilled thru the stock and did not expose the barrel tenons in the ramrod channel, nor exposed the barrel pin grooves in the barrel channel.




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