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Inletting The Buttplate:

First I laid out where the triggers were going to be located on the stock. Normally from there, I measure back the distance of the shooters pull. Draw a line on the stock, and position the buttplate on the side of the stock. In this case, I need to maximize the pull as much as possible to 16" if I can. Next I traced the profile onto the stock and cut out the stock for the buttplate. 

Placing the buttplate onto the end of the cut down stock, the buttplate is slowly inlet straight down into the stock. The following photos will show the abbreviated stages the buttplate was inlet to. Once satisfied, the top of the buttplate will be drilled for a top wood screw and next the wood screw into the heel of the buttplate. 

040805 010.jpg (158816 bytes) 040805 012.jpg (151250 bytes) 040805 014.jpg (151812 bytes)










040805 016.jpg (147377 bytes) 040805 017.jpg (151447 bytes) 2005-05-13a 002.JPG (243670 bytes)

2005-05-13a 003.JPG (240235 bytes) 2005-05-13b 004.JPG (232227 bytes) 2005-05-18 001.JPG (236042 bytes)

2005-05-18 002.JPG (241940 bytes)  The buttplate is now screwed on and finished.



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