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Working on the Lock:

I chose a large Siler Mountain Lock kit for this project. I drilled out  and tapped all the necessary parts. Then I heated and tempered the fly, tumbler and sear. Then to add a little something extra, I then "V" notched the front of the hammer to aid in splitting the cap for easy removal during shooting and added some checkering to the top of the hammer. 

DSCN0439.JPG (107859 bytes)   DSCN0440.JPG (74469 bytes)   DSCN0443.JPG (26764 bytes)


Traced out the pattern on a 1/8" plate of brass.       Filed the brass down to match the original lock plate.

DSCN0450.JPG (42312 bytes)                     DSCN0453.JPG (112200 bytes)  DSCN0452.JPG (102078 bytes)  DSCN0454.JPG (109280 bytes)

Drilled the taped the screw holes into the brass plate.        Silver soldered on the bolster plate then riveted it to the plate with brass rivets for strength.

DSCN0455.JPG (120921 bytes)                         DSCN0456.JPG (119813 bytes)    DSCN0457.JPG (113501 bytes)

Next I had to file out the bolster plate for the drum on the barrel to fit the lock.DSCN0458.JPG (120771 bytes)

     DSCN0461.JPG (121357 bytes)


Here the filing is complete. I used a 1/2" drill bit (same size as my drum) to size the area to fit the drum using a round file.

DSCN0462.JPG (120226 bytes)

Here is the finished lock. You can see the location of the two brass rivets in the bolster area of the lock.

DSCN0465.JPG (44007 bytes)  




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