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Installing the Trigger Guard: 

The trigger guard was inletted into the stock. First I inletted the front of the guard into the stock. I located the center line of the stock and then aligned the guard with this line. I drilled a 1/16" hole into the guard where I wanted the screw location. Then with the guard in place, I used this hole in the guard as a pilot hole to drill a 1/16" hole into the stock.  The hole in the guard was then enlarged for the passage of a #6 screw.  The guard was installed onto the stock with the screw. Using a knife, I traced around the tang of the guard. Removed the guard and deepened the cut lines. Then I "V" cut along these lines. Using a grooving tool I removed  the wood inside of these lines. Using my 1/4" wood chisel, I removed the remainder of the wood to seat the guard into the stock. 

Here is the finished front tang.DSCN0621.JPG (42988 bytes)  






The following are a series of photos showing how I did the same for the rear tang of the trigger guard. DSCN0618.JPG (96029 bytes)

   DSCN0620.JPG (95982 bytes)  DSCN0622.JPG (96716 bytes)  DSCN0624.JPG (96797 bytes)


DSCN0627.JPG (102209 bytes)  DSCN0629.JPG (124522 bytes)  DSCN0630.JPG (114325 bytes)



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