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Inletting the Barrel & Tang: 


I took a pattern for a Southern Mountain rifle and laid it out onto a blank piece of walnut.  Traced the pattern and then cut it out.DSCN0403.JPG (31113 bytes)

  DSCN0406.JPG (38544 bytes)   DSCN0407.JPG (37847 bytes)

Next I drew a center line down the stock and measured out for the 1-1/8" barrel channel. I removed wood down to the depth of 1/4", which is 1/2 the barrel flat of the barrel. Once this was done, then I created a channel 1/2" wide and 9/16" deep down the center.  Using a 3/8" chisel DSCN0408.JPG (54302 bytes)I removed the wood from sides down to the center flat. This created my octagon channel.

 DSCN0412.JPG (25189 bytes)  DSCN0414.JPG (39861 bytes)




Once this was completed, I laid the barrel in the channel with candle soot to ensure the barrel bottom flat was consistent and made good contact with the bottom flat of the barrel. DSCN0415.JPG (32328 bytes)DSCN0418.JPG (38018 bytes)

Next I had to mark the stock in the breech area to move the barrel farther back into the breech area of the stock. I used a ruler aligned against the barrel flats and extended the pencil lines. 



DSCN0419.JPG (105993 bytes)   DSCN0421.JPG (103950 bytes)  DSCN0420.JPG (42919 bytes)


In order to make sure I had a flat wall at the breech, I sooted the end of the barrel and mark the wood. I removed exposed wood till I had an even marking on the stock to indicate I had tight fit of the barrel against the end of the stock in the breech. DSCN0424.JPG (41082 bytes)

DSCN0422.JPG (46086 bytes)   Now I can mark out the location of the barrel tang so I can now inlet this into the stock.   






I removed the wood for the base of the tang. DSCN0425.JPG (108265 bytes)  

DSCN0426.JPG (110335 bytes)Then I lowered the barrel into the cut-out, traced the tang after I bent it to conform to the shape of the wrist and removed the wood to the proper depth. 





Now I can file the metal tang down to the wood. DSCN0427.JPG (118629 bytes)

Now the next step was to draw file the whole barrel and shape the stock so I can pin the barrel to the stock. 







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