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Shaping the Stock and Lock Panels: 

I divided the stock into thirds and removed the excess wood. Then I reduced the divisions to fifths for more wood reduction. Here are some photos of the initial shaping. 

DSCN0516.JPG (108410 bytes)    DSCN0518.JPG (104872 bytes)  DSCN0654.JPG (115783 bytes)  DSCN0655.JPG (116286 bytes)

I traced the lock panel on a piece of paper and then used this pattern for the side plate side. DSCN0519.JPG (96565 bytes)

    DSCN0520.JPG (44550 bytes)  DSCN0653.JPG (114106 bytes)  DSCN0656.JPG (112888 bytes)



Then I started working on the buttstock of the rifle. DSCN0526.JPG (114278 bytes) 

   DSCN0527.JPG (106108 bytes)  DSCN0528.JPG (110054 bytes)  DSCN0531.JPG (51526 bytes)  

Here are more photos of the stock. 

DSCN0651.JPG (108722 bytes)  DSCN0657.JPG (108830 bytes)  DSCN0658.JPG (119564 bytes)




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