Finished Armstrong Rifle

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James Armstrong Rifle (Maryland School)  (Click on photos to enlarge images.)

This is  a  James Armstrong rifle.  A lot of people make reference to the John Armstrong rifles, however, John Armstrong was a Journeyman under James Armstrong. 

My friend "Snake Bite" wanted a nice squirrel rifle.

This rifle will have a maple stock, a Jim Chambers deluxe Siler flintlock, R.E. Davis double set triggers, and brass furniture with silver accents. The barrel is a .32 Caliber - 13/16" x 42" - Goodoien Barrel. (Note, John Armstrong was an apprentice to James.)

Here is collection of the parts for the rifle and the barrel is in process of being inletted now. 



Applied a nice red maple stain to the stock and gave it a nice red color.

DSC00175.JPG (175514 bytes)  DSC00177.JPG (137859 bytes)

Then after the stain dried, I applied several coats of hand-rubbed on linseed oil.  After the 3rd coat I used steel wool on the stock before applying more coats.  Here is how it turned out.

Here is the finished rifle.

DSC00204.JPG (140372 bytes)  DSC00241.JPG (151602 bytes) 

DSC00206.JPG (113809 bytes) DSC00216A.JPG (132748 bytes)

DSC00210.JPG (91779 bytes) DSC00212A.JPG (184585 bytes)

DSC00217.JPG (127985 bytes) DSC00214.JPG (139906 bytes)

DSC00236.JPG (164004 bytes) DSC00215.JPG (123020 bytes)

DSC00213.JPG (182349 bytes)

Here is the original stock sitting next to the finished rifle.

DSC00240.JPG (158010 bytes)

Chappell Furniture.jpg (588634 bytes) Goodien Barrel A.jpg (336909 bytes)

Goodien Barrel B.jpg (246558 bytes) Stock and Barrel.JPG (141357 bytes)

Well, we dun run into a problem with the stock and I had to start from scratch all over again. Life is full of surprises sometimes, eh?

This time with a plank of grade +5 maple from Tiger Hunt.  The links below will basically show from the beginning all over again on this rifle.  

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