Susquehanna Rifle

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Susquehanna Rifle

2009-04-25 002.JPG (200713 bytes)

My friend wanted a duplicate made of a family heirloom rifle of unknown origin. I discovered it to be an Upper Susquehanna Rifle. This a unique rifle. Originally it may have been a percussion lock that was later converted to a mule ear lock rifle.  Since the mule ear was not patented til 1838, the conversion had to have happened after that.  The stock is only 1-1/4" wide at the butt.  The patchbox is very unique. (See the Archive Photos link below.) A comment I received on the American Longrifle Forum was, "this may be a Morrison or Filman from Milton or the northern tier of Pennsylvania/southern tier of New York."

He would like to take the rifle hunting and keep the heirloom on the wall. He wants to venture what it was like for his ancestors to shoot a rifle like this.  Here is a sneak peek of the original. This is of unknown origin. 

Here is a page with both the original and my project laying side by side on my workbench.  Original Rifle Vs. New Rifle

Project as it progresses: 


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