Mule Ear Lock

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Installed the Mule Ear lock and the Side Lock Bolt: 


Prior to installing the lock, I removed the main spring from the lock, then disassembled the lock. This left me just the lock plate. 

The lock plate was installed and the 3/8" sear hole was drilled into the stock.  The plate was inletted ~1/8" into the stock. 2009-02-23A 001.JPG (242488 bytes)







Next the hammer was added to the plate and this was inletted into the stock. 2009-02-23A 002.JPG (241138 bytes)







Now to connect the sear hole over to the hammer, I installed the sear arm back onto the lock.  Using candle soot, I marked this on the stock and then cut this area out. 2009-02-23A 004.JPG (215663 bytes)Also, added the mainspring and this allowed me to now cock the hammer and check for any interference inside the inletted lock area.







Once the hammer was easily cocked, I located where the sear was located on the belly of the stock. Drilled a 3/32" hole on the center line of the belly.  Now I can cock the hammer and trip the lock using a 3/32" punch up thru the belly. 

Here is a 3 Second MOVIE of the hammer being tripped by the punch. 








Next I located the where the end of the breech was on the barrel. 12/32" from the end of the barrel. Located the pin for the hammer in the lock. Found by drilling a #29 hole thru the lock at 1/2" from the end of the barrel, I could miss both the hammer pivot pin and the breech plug. Drilled a hole thru the lock plate outside of the stock. Reinstalled the lock plate and then used this hole as a pilot hole to drill a #29 hole thru the stock and the plate.  Removed the lock plate and drilled a 3/16" passage hole thru the stock only.  Then I reinstalled the lock plate and tapped the plate from the side panel side opposite of the lock for a #8-32 threaded side bolt.  Installed the bolt and cut it for length. 

Here is a photo of the side bolt. 

2009-02-23A 009.JPG (256591 bytes)  2009-02-23A 010.JPG (235248 bytes)








  • Now with the lock in, let's inlet the triggers. 


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