Transitional Lancaster Rifle

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This was an earlier Pennsylvania gun that was later restocked in the late 1780's.  The indicators for this is the swamped barrel and the early side plate, which were common with guns built around 1770.  Later when the gun was being restocked in the late 1780s, the latest style of patch box (Henry Lechler Cumberland County) and the butt plate (Frederick Sell Adams County) were added to the new stock.  The trigger guard was from 1770 time frame.

Hallford Rifle copy.JPG (138809 bytes)To see the album of photos and a couple movies of the finished rifle click on photo to the left.



Dsc00216.jpg (157564 bytes)

To see the album of photos and a couple movies of the unfinished rifle being built, click on the photo to the right.


Friend & Proud owner; Jim "River Rat" of Alabama.

     Jim Hallford1.jpg (173935 bytes) Dscf0093.jpg (324774 bytes)

Jim says this is real fine shooter.  This was at 100 yards. He's tightened up the group since then.


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