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Jaeger Transitional Rifle- Christian Springs/Marshall Style

This is an early American Jaeger rifle during the transition period leaning toward the Christian Springs style. Although the rifle will have the early butt plate the stock will be narrower and not have the blunderbuss forearm like the Jaeger rifles. The furniture will be brass with a wooden patchbox.  The barrel is a swamped 31" barrel in a .54 caliber. The lock is a Jaeger flintlock and will have a single hand forged trigger. A sling swivel with a rear button will be added. Fowler thimbles will be installed. {Click on photos below for larger image.) 


Stock1b copy.jpg (99030 bytes)  Stock1a.jpg (139069 bytes)

Stock 1c copy.jpg (89686 bytes) Stock 1d copy.jpg (94690 bytes)



To see the rifle project photo album from the beginning to end, click here. (Or on the photo below)


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