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Dueling Pistol: 20140603_170732_resized.jpg (71365 bytes)

(Kentucky Flintlock Dueling Pistol, .50 Caliber Green Mountain barrel, Siler Lock, Single Trigger, with a cherry stock - Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply, Inc. Kit)

Pistol Resurrection Project:  A local gentleman contacted me and informed me he started a pistol project about a couple years ago and is now lost in how to finish the project. He asked me for help. I took the project thinking this might be a challenge. It turned out is was. I decided to share the progress of this project in hopes it may help others who may be facing the same challenges in their project and may find this information useful. Below are links to the various stages I will be going thru to remedy some of the mistakes made and how I fixed them to finish the pistol. (Some of the procedures are not to my liking, such as using wood putty to fill vast voids.)


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