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 Early Lancaster Rifle  

Grade 6 Maple stock; all brass furniture Double-set triggers; .50 Caliber swamped Getz barrel (1/66 twist); 3/8" ramrod, shop made-brass early lock.

This rifle persona will be a rifle representative of the  J. P. Beck school, except it will have my influence. By that, I mean the carvings and engravings will by my own styling.

(Go to the bottom of this page for links on how this rifle was built.)

Here are some photos and a couple fly-by movies (warning they may be big).

Movie 1(14 MB)    Movie 2 (7 MB)

2006-06-05 001.JPG (179133 bytes) 2006-06-05 005.JPG (200495 bytes)




  2006-06-05 004.JPG (176558 bytes)

2006-06-05 003.JPG (110810 bytes)





 2006-06-05 022.JPG (224125 bytes)2006-06-05 017.JPG (223362 bytes) 

2006-06-05 026.JPG (170054 bytes)  2006-06-05 018.JPG (164771 bytes)








Barrel Engravings:

2006-06-05 021.JPG (243020 bytes) 2006-06-05 020.JPG (245520 bytes)




Large photo of cheek carving area: 2006-06-05 011.JPG (1560558 bytes)

Large photo of patchbox engravings: 2006-06-05 013.JPG (1472382 bytes)


The gun in progress from beginning to the end.

Here is the initial pile of parts in the beginning: Initial Pile of Parts.JPG (214405 bytes)bought the barrel personally from John Getz at Conner Prairie in 2002.

Here is a closer view of the furniture and the lock.Furniture and Lock.JPG (222758 bytes)









Details of the rifle project will have hyperlinks below to specific sections: 

Shaping The Stock:

Inletting The Barrel Tang:

The Ramrod Channel:

Building A Brass Lock:

Pinning The Barrel To The Stock:

Installing The Drum: 

Inletting The Lock & Nipple:

Trigger & Trigger Guard Installation:

Inletting The Thimbles: 

Side Plate Panel:

Making & Installation of Nose Cap:

Making & Inletting the Toe Plate:

Installing the Patchbox:

Installing Forearm Inlay: 

Carvings on Stock:

Engraving The Rifle Furniture: 

Staining The Stock:


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