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Side Plate Panel Work:

Lock Paper Pattern copy.jpg (29258 bytes)Lay paper over the lock panel and using a #2 Paper Pattern on Side Plate copy.jpg (30565 bytes)pencil shade around the perimeter to outline the lock panel. Cut out the pattern and lay it back onto the lock panel. Then I use a light from underneath to illuminate the bolt holes and trace them on the top of the pattern. This is where the bolts will be passing thru on the other side.


Trace around the pattern and see how the pattern lays out on the side panel. You may have to readjust the pattern, so the Traced Pattern On Side copy.jpg (60995 bytes)pattern is aligned better with the wrist.  Using gouge along the lines, remove the wood.





Side Plate:

To make the side plate, I took an 1/8" piece of brass and traced out a pattern onto a piece of paper and glued it to the plate. Cut out the rough pattern and then filed it down to shape.

1)Sideplate AA.jpg (43649 bytes)

2) Sideplate AB.jpg (37508 bytes)

3) Sideplate AC.jpg (31090 bytes)

4)Sideplate AD.jpg (51919 bytes) To aid me in adding the bevel along the edges, I epoxied the side plate to a piece of wood and held it in the vice.

5) Sideplate AE.jpg (56893 bytes) Next I drilled a slight flat countersink for the lock bolt heads.

Here the side plate is just mounted to the stock: Sideplate Mounted 1.jpg (54124 bytes)


Note the side plate and the lock are the same 2006-04-16 008.JPG (201459 bytes)length, also I flattened the portion under the front lock bolt area on the sideplate.  J.P. Beck always flattened this area on his side plates. I have yet to put a slight bevel on this transition yet.  I also added a slight bevel along the edge of the lock and then lowered the lock panel to expose the bevel on the lock, too.

2006-04-26 006.JPG (224570 bytes)