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Engraving The Rifle Furniture: 

I started by inlaying my inlays into to the forearm. 2006-05-14 002.JPG (245414 bytes)

2006-05-14 003.JPG (244794 bytes) 2006-05-14 004.JPG (258448 bytes)

Here is the finished inlay filed flush. 2006-05-16 003.JPG (242025 bytes)

2006-05-14 005.JPG (244566 bytes) Then after putting these on either side of the forearm, I engraved them. 







Then I proceeded to engrave the forearm inlay along the belly of the forearm.

From there I proceeded to the eagle on the check piece and put in some silver wire inlays, to enhance the eagle. 2006-05-16 002.JPG (240262 bytes) 

 Since I was putting in wire inlays, I added tentacles to the 2006-05-16 007.JPG (242108 bytes)wood carvings on the butt of the stock. I made small chisels from a broken hacksaw and made the chisels to the depth of the wire inlays. After application, the stock is wetted down and the wood swells around the wire. Prior to insertion into the wood, you want to pull the wire across a triangular file to score the sides. This adds ribs to the side of the wire and helps hold it in place nicely.


Then I proceeded to work on the toeplate. 



2006-05-16 014.JPG (240433 bytes)







Decided to change the side plate. This was too much and started to make the rifle look too contemporary. So I changed the side plate to a plain plate with my cartouche stamped in the right-hand  corner of the side plate.


The last thing I worked on was the lock. Kept it simple. 2006-05-22 004.JPG (242529 bytes)2006-05-22 007.JPG (243024 bytes) Also, engraved all the screw heads similar to the hammer screw.







The next thing was the patchbox. 2006-05-16 004.JPG (251864 bytes)          2006-05-22 002.JPG (278146 bytes)

So I drew out my patterns and lines. 






Finally I engraved the patchbox. 2006-05-22 003.JPG (273935 bytes)  Put the sights on.   After this I engraved the year across the barrel tang, put my name on the flat between the rear sight and the tang, then the name of the rifle "Re Becka" centered on the top flat between the rear  and front sight. 2006-05-22 005.JPG (239379 bytes)







2006-05-22 006.JPG (225812 bytes) 







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