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Pinning The Barrel To The Stock:

I made brass tenons and dovetailed them into the stock. 2006-01-02 011.JPG (242091 bytes)I used 1/16" brass from my shop stock. Since I made a new brass patchbox lid for "Becky" before I sold her, I used the brass from that lid to make the tenons. Kinda made it a little sentimental to transfer parts off my earlier rifle to the new rifle for myself. 

I placed 4 tenons down the length of the barrel. 2006-01-02 012.JPG (254068 bytes)The first tenon was 3" from the muzzle based upon the size of the pin escutcheon I will be using and the length of the nose cap I will put on the rifle.  The last tenon closer to the breech was half way between the lock and the rear thimble. The other two were evenly spaced between the first two tenons.


Dixons book on the Pennsylvania rifle is an excellent resource on how to make the tenons and dovetailing them into the barrel.  You can check out my other web section on installing the tenons and pinning the stock below.

LINK --> Pinning Barrel Page:







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