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Isaac Haines Rifle - Left Handed (Jim Chambers Kit).  

 This rifle will have a wooden patchbox lid, swivels for a sling and a little carving. 38" swamped .54 caliber rifle (1-66 twist) Class C  (Rice Barrel)

Here are the parts for the rifle laid out:

Inletting The Barrel, Tang & Tenons:

Inletting The Lock Plate, Side Plate & Lock Bolts Installed:

Inlet Lock, Trigger Plate, installed Tang Bolt, Trigger

Install Buttplate:

Build up Patchbox lid Assembly & Latch:

Toe Plate Made & Installed: 

Thimbles Installed:

Muzzle Cap Installed:

Rifle Stock Shaped & Trigger Guard Installed:

Sling Swivels Installed:

Stock Carvings & Incised Lines:

Rear & Front Sights Installed:

Stained the stock:

Browned The Iron Parts:

Brass Polished

THE RIFLE IS NOW FINISHED........... Finished Rifle: