Dickert Rifle

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This is a Jacob Dickert rifle styled rifle; .50 caliber with grade 4 maple stock. I have more photos of the gun in process than I do finished. Sorry.....my computer crashed and I lost alot of the photos.

(Click each photo to enlarge)

John P copy.jpg (76224 bytes) Proud Owner, John Piesen from Texas.

Finished Rifle:  Mvc-317s.jpg (240109 bytes)                  Jacob Dickert Rifle1.JPG (283468 bytes) 

Unfinished Rifle Album

Mvc-191s.jpg (189768 bytes)       Mvc-192s.jpg (216395 bytes)

 Mvc-193s.jpg (192429 bytes)     Mvc-267s.jpg (26973 bytes)Mvc-246f.jpg (322962 bytes)  Mvc-249f.jpg (295835 bytes)    Mvc-251f.jpg (358824 bytes) 

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