"Teedy Weedy"

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"Teedy Weedy" 

Bethlehem School rifle; .37 caliber; hand rifled barrel; grade 4 maple stock.

I made this for my wife for her birthday. The .37 caliber barrel was originally  a four foot barrel I hand rifled over at Toad Hall Rifle Shop with Bookie.  I cut off a foot and will make a pistol out of the remaining barrel. The barrel has one full twist in 48".

This was my "Journeyman Rifle"All the furniture was hand made with the exception of the trigger guard and the Siler lock kit I assembled. Everything else I made from scratch. (Thimbles, inlays, ramrod pipes, nosecap and springs)   Reckon I was too busy working on this to take any photos of the process. (Sorry!) I typified it after John Rupp's style of rifles.  Both Steve Bookout & Jack Garner signed off with their approvals on this rifle.

Teedy Weedy.jpg (281667 bytes) 

 Bethlehem_Trigger_Plate_copy.JPG (66879 bytes)  




Bethlehem_Side_Plate_copy.JPG (119821 bytes)                  indianhead.jpg (226455 bytes)




MVC-006F.JPG (286931 bytes)  



Bethlehem_Stock_copy.JPG (125394 bytes)




Patchbox, lid spring, release mechanism were all hand made from material laying around the shop.  Button on top of butt plate opens the patchbox lid. 

   Patchbox_open.jpg (156896 bytes) 






Here is the maple wood mold I Patchbox mold.jpg (181030 bytes)








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    (c) Copyright 2005.  All Rights Reserved.