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Free-styled Target Pistol

Burly Iowa Native Black Walnut; .45 Caliber - 9" Barrel; 

"Becky"  lock I converted to a brass lock using scrap brass in the shop. I embedded a 3/8" steel rod in the grip to help balance the weight of the barrel. 

This pistol is a "Shooter". 

(This pistol design was typified after combining the styles of six different early gunmakers.)

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DSC00002.JPG (565928 bytes)Hoot_Side_View.JPG (99849 bytes)     

Mvc-913f.jpg (220800 bytes)        Hoot Butt copy.jpg (85125 bytes)      Hoot Owl copy.JPG (55938 bytes)

Mvc-004s.jpg (40461 bytes) <--This is the front sight. 

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