Beck Rifle

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J.P. Beck Rifle

She was made in 1998.  Her name is "Becky" and she has won me a Bronze medal in the 1999 Iowa Games and finished pretty good in several other matches since then. She is my favorite and still shooting this one today. She is a little beat up for wear and tear, but she's well balanced.  The rifle has a swamped .50 caliber Getz barrel, hand forged trigger with a brass trigger plate.  Pay attention to the lock and you will find something different about it. This was one of my first rifles. (click on photos for a larger photo)

Beck Side 3 copy.jpg (224151 bytes)      Beck Side 1 copy.jpg (235985 bytes) 

Patchbox copy.jpg (298282 bytes)  Side Plate copy.jpg (281649 bytes)

Lock copy.jpg (269193 bytes)  Wrist copy.jpg (391597 bytes)  

Side Profile copy.jpg (101855 bytes)  Cheek copy.jpg (263907 bytes)

"Becky" got a new owner - Jim Ide of Oskaloosa, IA

Ide New Thumbpiece.JPG (152019 bytes) Ide New Lid.JPG (143409 bytes)

Changed the wrist thumb piece and made a new lid from scratch.  The photo was taken before the engraving. Reckon I need to get me one with the engraving.

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