1750 Pistol

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1780 Federal Pistol

Oak Stock; .32 Caliber - 8" Barrel; 

This was my first pistol. All I had was a chunk of oak and a piece of cut off gun barrel I got from my friend Bookie. The trigger was forged and I used a Becky lock due to it's small size. The nose cap is poured pewter. This was my fourth gun.

My father in-law commissioned me to make it for him. His initials are "JLW"; note the engraving was period correct. The "J"s look like "I"s back then. He had it until his passing a few years ago. Now my son Scott is the proud owner of this fine pistol.  It is already a family legacy and it shoots a tight group, too. 

Pistol Lock View copy.jpg (61421 bytes) Pistol Lock and Ramrod View.jpg (65596 bytes) Pistol Lock and Trigger.jpg (44938 bytes)


Side Pistol View copy.jpg (50637 bytes)  Pistol Side View 2 copy.jpg (58601 bytes) pistol Side.jpg (47457 bytes)


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