Southern Mtn Rifle

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Southern Mountain Rifle: South Eastern Tennessee "Soddy Daisy" Rifle

.50 caliber barrel,  double triggers single set, hand forged thimbles, patchbox springs hand forged with walnut stock made from tree harvested locally.  This was my 2nd rifle.

Southern Mtn Rifle.JPG (591224 bytes)

Rear Stock.JPG (169608 bytes) Cheek Stock.JPG (175192 bytes)  Stock Comb.JPG (111714 bytes)

 Side Plate.JPG (184956 bytes)  Lock Panel.JPG (243665 bytes)  Patchbox.JPG (139426 bytes)

 Open Patchbox.JPG (238669 bytes)  Butt Plate.JPG (208604 bytes)  Trigger Guard.JPG (138344 bytes)

Trigger Guard 2.JPG (141167 bytes)  No Rear Thimble.JPG (132692 bytes)  Thimbles.JPG (126038 bytes)

Front Sight.JPG (163369 bytes)  Rear Sight.JPG (186437 bytes)


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