Youth Tennesee Rifle

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This is a .40 caliber Youth Early Transitional Tennessee Rifle.  Notice the Carolina trigger guard and the early butt plate. This was an "Over the Mountain Rifle."  The stock is Iowa Native Black walnut and the lock was a Chamber's Siler that was converted to a brass lock from some scrap brass laying around the shop.


   Friends & Proud owner, Jacob with his Dad (Tim) of Ohio.

Jacob and Tim Braun copy.jpg (58649 bytes)








  F Rifle_Side_Plate_Side.jpg (151829 bytes)Finished_Rifle.jpg (75959 bytes)inished Rifle Photos: (Click on photos below)(Each photo will open into a new window. Click the "X" in the upper right corner of this window to close the window.)





Nose_Cap_Finished.jpg (19894 bytes)


Cheek_Piece_Finished.jpg (79380 bytes)       




Brass_Lock_Finished.jpg (56342 bytes)       Lock_Installed.jpg (109048 bytes)





Unfinished Rifle Album: (In case your interested, Click on photos below.)

In the beginning, the bare necessities.

        Beginning_Stage.jpg (78810 bytes) Barrel_andTang_Stock_Inlet_.jpg (173350 bytes)

The barrel inlet into the stock and pinned.




Then the lock was inlet this into the stockTrigger_Finished_1_copy.jpg (64830 bytes)

Stock_Cut_Down_To_Shape.jpg (146852 bytes)

Next the trigger was forged out. 



    Thimbles_Finished_copy.jpg (73777 bytes) 

The stock was shaped, ramrod channel dug out & drilled, made some thimbles, then inlet them. 

Side_Bolts_Installed.jpg (62405 bytes)  Put in the side plate bolts.





    Made a side plate pattern and cut it out of scrap shop metal. 

Side_Plate_Finished.jpg (58672 bytes)  The side plate was inlet.    









Cheek_Piece_Defined.jpg (143611 bytes) Next step was to start carving out the cheek piece.Cheek Piece Defined.jpg (143611 bytes)





 Then the forearm shaped & trigger guard inlet and on to the forearm_shaped.jpg (152878 bytes) nose cap.  Trigger_Guard_Installed.jpg (157210 bytes)







nosecap_shaped.jpg (138930 bytes)  

 Nose cap was shaped and the lines for the carving are marked out for the poured nose cap.

Nose_Cap_Poured_Blevins_Style.jpg (52219 bytes)   The nose cap was carved out and molten pewter was poured into the carvings, then filed down to the wood. (For better pictures how this done, see the Transitional Lancaster album.)   




The toe plate as made from scrap steel in the shop.   Toe_Plate_Installed.jpg (160040 bytes)







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