Brian Murray

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I want to welcome Brian Murray from St. Joseph, MI to my shop.  Brian came to shop looking for assistance on how to assemble an Isaac Haines rifle kit he bought from Dunlap Woodcrafts in Northern VA  He received the kit as a gift 4 years ago from his wife.  This is a quote from Brian, "I have always admired the craftsmanship and style of flintlock rifles and always wanted one. But knowing the cost to purchase a finished quality hand crafted flintlock was out of my price range. So I went with the kit. To compound the matter I am not a woodworking craftsman. So to cut to the chase, I need help/direction/kick in the butt because the gun still sits in the box untouched, almost 4 years later."

If you have any questions, Brian's email is:

Now he has already started his second project below.

I have to admit, Brian is no longer a "Nibbler" when it comes to filing. he has learned that it if it gets screwed up, there is always a way to correct mistakes and feels much more comfortable using the tools in the shop and is getting proficient in using them. He is a good apprentice and is learning fast. Don't tell him that, I don't want him to get a big head. (just kidding)

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