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Inletting the Barrel: 

To inlet the barrel, I determined where I wanted the barrel. With this being a left handed rifle, I wanted the barrel in the center to start with. Then I can remove the excess from the sides later.  The following are a series of photos depicting the steps taken to hand inlet the 13/16" barrel into the stock. 

2006-11-11 004.JPG (174842 bytes)Drew the lines for the stock, then used a knife to cut down the inside of the lines, followed by a chisel along the lines to deepen the cuts. 2006-11-13 002.JPG (137046 bytes) Then using a flat chisel I took out the wood to the depth of half a side flat of the rifle, which was 5/32" deep. 















Then I drew the center of the bottom flat and proceeded the same with chisels again, this time in a narrower groove. 

Center Line Defined.JPG (155278 bytes) 2006-11-13 006.JPG (140288 bytes) 2006-11-13 007.JPG (232549 bytes)

2006-11-13 010.JPG (239322 bytes) 2006-11-13 011.JPG (224949 bytes) 

Now I take down the sides to create a bevel cut to meet the edges and create the lower side flats. 

2006-11-13 013.JPG (227344 bytes) 2006-11-13 015.JPG (192566 bytes) 

Once I have both sides done, I blacken the bottom of the barrel with candle soot and set the barrel into the channel. This shows me the high spots. I remove the black marks till I have blacken all three sides. Then I know the barrel is down. 

2006-11-13 018.JPG (140305 bytes)  Now it is done. 2006-11-13 005a.JPG (159201 bytes) The barrel is inletted.barrel inletted.JPG (224303 bytes)


The next step is to inlet the breech end into the slope; add the breech plug and inlet that, too.  I extended lines off the end of the barrel and a line perpendicular to the barrel.

a.JPG (240288 bytes)


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