File Handles

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Making File Handles:

Take a wooden dowel and measure up about 5/8". Draw a line around the perimeter of the dowel. We are going to use a 5/8" copper pipe to serve as a restraint on the end of the handle when we jam the file into the end.   Using a fine saw, we cut down to the depth of the inside of the pipe around the dowel. Below we also drew a circle representing the inside diameter of the copper pipe on the end of the dowel.  We filed the end of the dowel to the line around the end of the dowel. Then using a knife, we back cut along the line 5/8" back down to the bottom of the cut. This left a raised section between the two ends.

2009-03-08 007.JPG (232167 bytes) 2009-03-08 010.JPG (241739 bytes)Then we removed the wood toward the end. As a result, we got a nice rounded end on the dowel.






2009-03-08 003.JPG (232849 bytes)








2009-03-08 009.JPG (243167 bytes)2009-03-08 005.JPG (233964 bytes)

Then we cut the pipe to the 5/8" length.   Once this was done, the inside of the pipe was champhered to make it easier to slide onto the dowel.







2009-03-08 011.JPG (233008 bytes)

2009-03-08 008.JPG (221348 bytes) By trial and error, we removed wood till it fit snuggly up against the handle.







We drilled a 3/16" hole into the end of the dowel handle. Then we jammed the file into the handle. You will note, the wood split, but was contained by the copper sleeve. This now holds the file fast in the handle. 2009-03-08 006.JPG (233652 bytes)

2009-03-08 012.JPG (178812 bytes)

Now the handle was filed to shape. Here is an example of the finished handle on the left and the unfinished on the right.








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