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Inlet Barrel Tang To Stock:

I measured the depth of the breech plug. In this case it was 13/32". From the end of the breech are of the stock I made a mark at 13/32". Lay the barrel with the breech plug attached, I traced a line on either side of the breech tang to this mark. I then chiseled down the bottom flat of the barrel channel. Note the photo shows the complete tang already inletted. I failed to take a photo earlier. Sorry....

_20160118_901.JPG (117805 bytes) 

The tang of the breech plug needs to be cold bent to the contour of the pistol stock. The tang was also shortened to1-3/4". With the tang already bent, I placed the barrel into stock and traced a couple lines on either side of the tang. Note; in the last photo below, I started carving the area with the curvature under the tang. This allowed me to lower the barrel farther into the stock. Using a knife I cut on the inside of both lines. Then "V" cut inside the lines. This makes a good fit for placing my 1/4" chisel to cut downward into the stock. 

_20160102_846.JPG (131848 bytes)  _20160102_848.JPG (114047 bytes)  _20160102_850.JPG (116908 bytes)

When I was able to locate the end of the tang, I cut across both the lines and "V" cut this line, too. Now I can use my chisel to remove the excess wood from the inside of the tang area. 

_20160102_851.JPG (106419 bytes)  _20160102_852.JPG (120381 bytes)   _20160102_853.JPG (121649 bytes)

Here you can see the tang area chiseled out. Again using candle soot on the tang will identify high spots to remove. You want a nice flat area where the tang meets the stock for later you will be drilling out for the tang bolt to pass thru to the trigger plate. You want the tang to seat nicely into the stock. Using a file, you can clean up the top of the tang and stock to blend the surfaces. 

_20160102_855.JPG (127649 bytes)    _20160103_858.JPG (112296 bytes)


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