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Re-fit Barrel To Stock For Breech Alignment:

Remove the wood down the side to the depth of the top of the lower bevel of the barrel bottom. Then using the chisel cut horizontally along the barrel angled flat to the rear breech wall shown in the third photo below. 

_20150914_831.JPG (128474 bytes)  _20150914_832.JPG (59871 bytes)  _20150914_833.JPG (60244 bytes)

Lay the barrel into the stock for fit. Then I blacken the end of the barrel with candle soot. Reinstall the barrel. Tap the barrel down with a small wooden mallet. This will indicate any high spots in the bottom flat for removal with the chisel. 

_20150914_834.JPG (116373 bytes)  _20150914_836.JPG (38317 bytes)  _20150914_835.JPG (107746 bytes)

Once flat, then you can reinstall the barrel into the stock and tap the barrel toward the breech. I always put an "X" along the top flat of the barrel so I always lay the barrel into the stock. (Note this is the opposite side of the barrel from the chisel marked side from the breech.) To remove the barrel, tap the stock with the barrel as the photo with the arrow below. This will support the stock and the barrel will work it's way out of the stock. When you look at the barrel you can see the areas on the barrel which transferred to the stock.

_20150914_838.JPG (113147 bytes)      _20150914_841.JPG (63535 bytes)   _20150914_839.JPG (111740 bytes)

Looking in the stock will show you how much of the barrel is touching the stock. You want as much surface contact as possible. When the pistol is shot, the concussion of the barrel into the stock should have an even surface to spread the force around the barrel.  When satisfied, we can now see the mark on the barrel indicating the face of the breech plug aligns with the flash hole markings on the stock. Also the end of the barrel fits tightly into the breech area of the stock.

 _20150914_840.JPG (127150 bytes)  _20150916_844.JPG (61506 bytes)  _20150916_845.JPG (121144 bytes)  


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