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Align Top Of Pistol Stock To Barrel:

Before progressing further, we need to define the top of the stock. The stock should expose 1/2 the depth of the barrel. In this case the barrel flat measures 12/32 inch. Half of this is 6/32 inch. Measuring down from the top of the flat, make a mark at 6/32 inch on the stock. Do this along the length of the barrel. Using a straight edge, connect the marks. 

_20160111_859.JPG (122398 bytes)   _20160111_860.JPG (122669 bytes)  _20160111_862.JPG (112600 bytes)

Do this for both sides. Now you have marks on the stock. Remove the barrel and file the wood down to the lines. Remeasure and you will find the top edges along the sides of the stock to be even with the top of the barrel flat and should measure 6/32 inch. Now we can use this edge for measuring down the sides of the stock to determine depth of the barrel to pin our stock later.  

_20160111_863.JPG (134928 bytes)  _20160111_864.JPG (116493 bytes)  _20160114_866.JPG (109444 bytes)


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_20160115_871.JPG (117238 bytes)


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