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Inlet And Pin Barrel & Tenons Into Stock:

Blacken the bottom of the barrel and tenon with candle soot. Position the barrel into the stock and gently tap the barrel with a wooden mallet. This will leave a small mark in the bottom flat of the barrel channel. I then use a "V" gouge on this mark. This helps center the drill bit when drilling. Measure the thickness of the tenon. Then use a drill bit of the same thickness. Hold the drill bit up the tenon to determine the depth of the rib. In this case, I used a piece of tape to mark the depth. I drill at each end of the V groove. Then in between the holes. Using a knife, I cut along side the holes. 


_20160124_903.JPG (110327 bytes)  _20160124_904.JPG (114445 bytes) _20160124_905.JPG (106107 bytes)  _20160124_906.JPG (98314 bytes)

Then using a 1/16" chisel I made from a concrete nail, I remove the wood. Use a knife to further clean up the sides. Then blacken the tenon again and reposition the barrel into the stock. Tap the barrel gently. This may leave more marks in the groove to indicate interference areas. Remove these marks with your knife. The barrel should leave black marks against the bottom flat of the stock. This indicates the barrel in fully recessed into the stock fully. This is important since you will drilling thru the stock into the tenon. 

_20160124_907.JPG (115651 bytes)  _20160124_908.JPG (114659 bytes)  _20160124_910.JPG (122302 bytes)  

Using a depth gauge you use it to get the depth of the barrel flat. This is why we leveled the top of the barrel channel earlier. Place the gauge outside of the stock. Make a mark slightly below this depth for the 3/32" pin to pass thru. I reinstalled the barrel, clamped it in place. Then using a square block, I held the top flat of the barrel against the block on my drill press and drilled thru the mark on the barrel. Below is a photo of the pin in place. 

_20160124_912.JPG (111197 bytes)  _20160124_914.JPG (46157 bytes)  _20160124_915.JPG (126781 bytes)

Here is a photo of the hole drilled thru the tenon. Then I sculptured the tenon to round it so it would not snag any this with it sharp edges when cleaning the barrel later. 

_20160124_917.JPG (112731 bytes)  _20160124_918.JPG (111115 bytes)  _20160124_919.JPG (103359 bytes)  

I repeated the same steps for the forward tenon. 

_20160124_933.JPG (122312 bytes)  _20160124_934.JPG (123764 bytes)  

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