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Fitting Barrel To Stock:

Lay the barrel on top of the stock. Using a sharp pencil, draw a line down both sides of the barrel. This will indicate how much wood must be removed for the barrel to fit tightly into the stock. 

_20150902_799.JPG (95885 bytes)  _20150902_800.JPG (123640 bytes)   

Using a tool I made in the shop, I make sure the depth is the same as the side wall to the first champher in the stock. This is a tool I made out of a coarse file broken off. Then it was heated to soften the file and drilled to to have two bolts inserted. The piece of wood is slotted to allow it to be slid up or down for the proper depth. The file was then heated cherry red and quenched in oil to temper it.  (Reckon I need to add this one to my Tips & Aids section). I use this tool to remove the excess wood to the pencil marks. 

_20150902_801.JPG (118583 bytes)  _20150902_802.JPG (122391 bytes)  _20150902_803.JPG (116652 bytes)

Here the tool is resting on the stock and the file cuts into the side walls. Once this is done, the barrel slips into the stock easily. Always make sure the barrel fully seats down to the bottom flat of the barrel in the channel. 

_20150902_804.JPG (114131 bytes)  _20150902_805.JPG (114256 bytes)    _20150902_806.JPG (117706 bytes)


_20150902_812.JPG (116483 bytes)



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