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Draw Filing The Barrel:

I like to draw file the barrel prior to fitting it into the stock. This is done by grabbing a file on both sides of the file and drawing the file toward me. Do this as flat as you can. In the photo below I show one hand, but the other hand normally is grasping the file on the left, too. (Had to take one hand to take the photo. )

_20150830_795.JPG (124493 bytes)  _20150830_796.JPG (108955 bytes)   _20150830_797.JPG (121124 bytes)

As you do this, you can see the factory mill marks on the barrel. You are basically removing these marks. I this to every other flat and then work on the other flats in the same sequence.  With the barrel now draw filed, I can inlet it into the stock. 

_20150830_798.JPG (52596 bytes)


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