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Fitting Breech Plug To Barrel:

Using a depth gauge I measured the depth of the threads at the breech end of the barrel to determine the length of the breech plug. This indicated I needed to remove aleast an 1/8" of the plug to fit the end of the barrel. 

_20150904_813.JPG (101747 bytes)  _20150904_814.JPG (108231 bytes)  _20150904_815.JPG (97929 bytes) 

I grinded it and finished with a fine toothed file to reach the proper depth. Then I champhered the end of the plug to fit into the barrel.  The breech plug was threaded into the barrel and tightened till it stopped on a flat.  Using a small chisel I made two marks on the bottom flat. This way if the plug is removed, these marks can be aligned to ensure the plug is fully seated. 

_20150904_816.JPG (25174 bytes)   _20150904_817.JPG (105745 bytes)  _20150904_818.JPG (100221 bytes)  


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