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Aligning Lock Plate w/Breech Plug In Stock:

Remove the main spring and set the lock into the mortise on the stock. This will allow you to align the flash pan on the stock. Make a mark across from the flash pan for future alignment of the flashliner.  Then place the ramrod into the barrel. Mark the end of the ramrod flush with the end of the barrel. This will tell you the depth of the breech plug in the barrel.

_20150904_823.JPG (119445 bytes)   _20150904_824.JPG (60344 bytes)  _20150904_821.JPG (97273 bytes)

Take the ramrod out and lay it along side the barrel and make a mark on the barrel to indicate the face of the breech plug.  Now lay the barrel next to the stock and align it with the mark on the stock for the flash hole. Now you know how far back the barrel much be inletted to align the breech plug with the flash pan on the lock.

_20150904_819.JPG (47918 bytes)   _20150904_822.JPG (115357 bytes)  _20150907_827.JPG (102861 bytes)


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