Barrel Removal

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Inserting a lock into a stock and removal of a gun barrel.


1. Push the trigger forward; then align the sear arm on the lock with the hole for the sear and slowly set the lock into the inlet area on the stock.

2. With lock in place in the stock, put in the two bolts in the bag. Note each bolt is marked with one or two marks. The one with one mark goes into the forward end of the lock and the one with two marks goes into the lock near the hammer. {Marking the pins and bolts help you to remember where each pin came from.  I begin at the muzzle with one and work back toward the lock in numerical sequence.  Using a small triangular file to cut the slash marks into the pins and the bolts.}

Removing The Barrel:

1. Remove the three screws in the wrist area. Two screws from the barrel tang the 2nd bolt of the side plate.








2. Remove the 3/32" pins from the stock using a 1/16" punch. This will result in less damage to the stock area around the pin hole. Note these pins are marked too. They number one at the nose cap to three toward the lock.








3. Turn the gun upside down and with the comb laying flat on a carpeted or padded surface, tap the stock on the surface, making sure you have a good hold of the stock with the barrel. The barrel will release from the stock.

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